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3rd place
Melfar24 - Ultra Cycling WorldCup Qualify 2016
735 km in 24 hours with 6000 alt. meters
Youngest rider ever to finish on the podium
3rd place
Ultra Cycling Dolomitica 2016
625 km in 32.02 hours with 16.000 alt. meters
Youngest rider on the podium in history
DNF (Crash)
Race across Italy 2017
775 km with 10.000 alt. meters
Crashed on a descent after 640 km in 3rd position
3rd place
Race around Denmark 2017
1625 km in 76.17 hours with 10.000 alt. meters
DNF (Injury)
Race around Austria 2017
2211 km with 30.000 alt. meters
Stopped the race due to injuries in knees
DNF (Injury)
Race around Denmark 2018
880 km with 6.500 alt. meters
Stopped at 1st place to not make injury worse
1st place
Challenge Mt. Ventoux Triple 2018
140 km in 05:32:44 hours with 4600 alt. meters
Record time registered ever