Project Ultra Cycling is the most ambitious ultra sports project of Scandinavia with Mads Frank & crew competing in ultra races across the world under Frank Institute of Sports. 


It all started in 2016 with Mads competing at a 24-hour Race Across America-qualifying event. Without any endurance specific training except from the ongoing road racing season Mads entered the race. 


With the help of personal partners and his crew Mads managed to keep going for almost 24 hours straight clocking in 456,6miles/734,9 km. More than enough for RAAM-qualification and enough to a podium in the RAAM-qualifying catefory without any preparation.


Over the next years Mads will compete in ultra races around the world including Race across Italy, Race around Denmark and Race around Austria as preparation for the biggest goal of them all. Winning Race Across America as first time competitor in the Summer of 2018. 


Follow the jurney and adventure of our endurance ultra racer and his crew.


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Without the support of personal partners Mads Frank and his crew wouldn't be capable of travelling the world to the biggest ultra races trying to achieve our goals.


For this we have developed partner packages with different content. Please feel free to contact us if it has your interest. 

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