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Name: Mads Frank


Birthday: December 30th 1991


Home: Odense, Denmark


Height/Weight: 180 cm/62 kg


Type of rider: Climber/Allrounder


Education: Social Studies (High school), Level 3 Diploma in Sports Therapy, BSc. Sports - Fitness & Coaching (current)


Teams: Team Roth, Vorarlberg Pro Cycling, Bliz-Merida Pro Cycling




Training destination: Livigno, Italy


Food: Italian or Mexican


Activities: Coaching, training, racing, studying, family and friends


My interest and passion for cycling and road racing started in 1996, when I as a 4-year-old boy saw the former pro road cyclist Bjarne Riis win the world’s largest road race, the Tour de France. I was captivated and during that summer I started racing against the other kids around the neighborhood with stabilizers on my small bike.

Since then my passion and determined training has grown and improved with an increasing desire and focus on becoming a professional road cyclist myself.


A bad crash and injury when I was 17- years-old threatened to crush my dream. In the following three years I had to work harder and go through more pain then I had ever thought possible. With the help of my coach I fought back  even more determined to utilize my potential and follow my dream.

During the years I've been part of different teams on EuropeTour including Team Roth, Vorarlberg Pro Cycling and Bliz-Merida Pro Cycling. Through personal experiance I have gained skills from international road racing. 


In 2016 I decided to start a 24-hour Race Acros America-qualifing ultra race as a personal challenge. Without any specific training (apart from the training from the ongoing season of road racing) I entered the race. Never the less I ended up making the qualifying cut of 400miles (644 km) and even making it to the podium.


Together with my personal partners and the support of friends and family I decided to start a new chapter in my life - focussing on ultra cycling. Our goals will include ultra races across the world with the ultimate challenge coming up in the Summer of 2018 where I will try to win Race Across America as first time competitor and first Scandinavian in history. 


Beside riding my bike I have been so blessed to be capable of studying Manuel Sports Therapy in Scotland and Sports & Health Science in Denmark. By combining the theoretical and scientifical knowledge with my personal experience as an endurance athlete I strive to be the best coach I can be.



During the years in cycling I have learned a lot about the ups and downs of one of toughest and most fascinating sports in the world.

I can offer presentations about the world of cycling with funny, intriguing and astonishing inside knowledge and life experiences of an elite athlete racing all over Europe. Lectures about physiological training including scientific training in endurance sports and dieting for the elite athlete as well as the weekend worrier. Through my experiences with different teams and different countries I’ve also learned to tackle different psychological approaches to performance and teamwork.


Subjects which can and will have huge impact on the result of a bike race as well as the success in the business world through individual ambitions, flexibility, focus, visualization, the enjoyment of hard work and the ability to think out of the box.

Training events with your employes on the road with stories from the peloton, specific training drills, exercises and bike fitting advice for you and your employer is also an option.

All events can increase health, comfort, focus and team spirit in your company and among your collaborators.

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